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Complete Custom Bathroom Remodels in Newcastle

Our custom bathroom renovation services in Newcastle NSW can create a super space that’s a unique match for your home and tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more contemporary design, Arena Bathroom Renovations can bring to life the bathroom of your dreams.

We provide a one-stop resource for total bathroom renovations – everything you need to get a bathroom that’s highly practical and aesthetically striking.

From a simple bathroom renovation for smaller spaces to luxury bathroom renovations, we can give you everything you’re looking for in your ultimate bathroom. And the icing on the cake? Your beautiful new bathroom will be increasing the market value of your home.

Our Bespoke Bathroom Makeover Services

Our affordable bathroom renovations make it easy for you to upgrade and customise your bathroom, with a one-stop total bathroom renovation solution. Firstly, we can provide all the top-quality materials and fittings needed for your bathroom makeover, including a wide choice of:

  • The best tiles from across the world, including natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic patterns.
  • Premium bathroom hardware and safety ware.
  • Attractive and practical vanities and cabinetry.
  • Various toilet options.

These features are then brought together to create your dream bespoke bathroom, with outstanding services provided by a team of skilled bathroom renovation tradespeople.

You’ll get a complete, affordable custom bathroom reno from experts in areas such as:

  • Plumbing.
  • Tiling.
  • Electrics.
  • Joinery and carpentry.
  • Waterproofing.

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    Benefits of Our Custom Bathroom Renovation Services

    Besides getting a superior, practical, sophisticated bathroom, hiring our Newcastle bespoke bathroom remodelling services also gives you several benefits regarding convenience, safety, and a good return on investment.


    In the hands of even gifted DIYers, a bathroom remodels can drag on and on, causing a high level of inconvenience by putting this essential space out of bounds for prolonged periods.

    Our professional bathroom renovation contractors will ensure your bathroom is out of action for the least possible length of time. We never sacrifice the quality of work in the interests of a quick finish, but our expertise and experience enable us to work fast and efficiently to keep inconvenience and disruption to a minimum.


    A bathroom remodels that’s less than perfect can pose health and safety hazards, including:

    • Problems with water getting into electrics.
    • Toxic mould resulting from poor ventilation.
    • Inadequate drainage that can cause slippery floors.

    Our custom bathroom renovation experts can give you peace of mind that your new bathroom is as safe as it can be.

    Return on Investment

    Alongside kitchen remodels, upgrading your bathroom is one of the top home improvement projects if you want a solid return on investment. Should you decide to move home, a custom bathroom remodel can give you back on resale up to three-quarters of what you paid for the work.

    Upgrading your bathroom also presents the opportunity to incorporate new features that will save you money, such as low-flow toilets and water-saving showers.

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    Custom Bathroom Remodel Costs

    A classic bathroom design never goes out of fashion and will always look fresh and appealing. Design concepts we typically employ to achieve a traditional bathroom include:

    Pricing for custom bathroom renovations varies according to the size of your bathroom and the extent of customisation.

    • A small bathroom custom refit typically costs up to around $15,000.
    • Mid-range bespoke bathroom remodels are generally priced up to $30,000.
    • High-end custom renovations for larger bathrooms usually cost upwards of $30,000.

    Arena Bathroom Renovations keeps the cost of custom bathroom makeovers as low as possible without compromising on the quality of workmanship or materials, and your new bathroom can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

    Why Homeowners Choose Arena Bathroom Renovations

    Our skilled Newcastle bathroom renovation contractors ensure families throughout the area get the functional, stylish bathrooms they’ve always wanted. With more than 20 years’ experience in bathroom renovations, our company has earned an enviable reputation for affordability and reliability.

    Our bathroom refit specialists are committed to perfection achieved through:

    •  Scrupulous attention to detail.
    • High standards of quality.
    • Premium materials.

    We’ll project manage your bathroom makeover from start to finish to ensure the job is completed promptly and within budget.

     Contact us now for a free consultation and no-obligation quote. Or pop into our showroom on Pendlebury Road in Cardiff if you’d like to explore the extensive range of custom bathroom renovation options we can offer you, and see how they could transform your home


      Arena Bathroom Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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